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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lost in the Woods!

I am back from my four day Scrapbook Retreat and I must say, it was quite an experience.  The Lodge we were at was isolated in the mountains and woods.  There was no phone reception where we were and very poor Wifi.  If you walked to the far back portion of the Lodge you could get some poor phone reception, but it was better than none.  Downside of this is it pulled you away from the retreat and you not only missed out on scrapbook time, but announcements and such.  I was not happy with that.  The Lodge was absolutely beautifully decorated for Christmas.  That I loved.

I was able to create some things, even with the extremely small amount of items I took with me.  I knew they would be selling paper and other items, and they would have garage sale tables available for those who wanted to purge.  I took advantage of all of those and made it through pretty well.  We had around 40 - 50 ladies in total attend.  Quite a variety of styles to check out and get ideas and inspiration. 

There were 9 workshops and I attended all of them.  We made Borders, Christmas cards and a variety of page layouts all using customized Kits.  I truly enjoyed every one of these.  Here are the things I created in those Workshops.  The pictures do not do them justice,  They are beautiful!

We played with Gelatos on the Wise Men and  Believe Cards.  Not sure I was pleased with the results of that but it did get easier the more I played with it.  For anyone who has not tried Gelatos, give it a try if you get an opportunity.

This last set has an accordion drop down page under the strip on the left.  There are two additional pages in the Kit that go with these.  We only created two of the four in the Workshop, so I have not created the other two yet.

Here are the pages and cards that I completed or at least started and will complete at home where I have what I need to add the Titles and finishing touches.

I had a lunch date today with some of my friends from school.  I made each of them a card.  I found these stamps at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with them.

The pink page below was made for a Washi Tape contest.  The contest was to see who could make a page with the most creative use of Washi Tape.  I actually won!  It really surprised me. 

Back to the real world!  I am registered for two additional retreats next year already!

Deanne from Scrapbookingdom has released a couple new Sister Kits called Lavinia.  There is a CU Paper Kit and a sister PU Embie Kit.  If you love and appreciate lavender you will love and appreciate this Kit. 

Here is some pages I created using these Kits. 

Since I spent the last four days surrounded with Christmas trees and decorations, I am offering some seasonal items as today's freebie.  Enjoy!  I will chat with you next time!


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  1. Glad you had a creative good time, thanks for the gifts! Happy THANKSGIVING!