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Monday, November 14, 2016

End of another season is upon us

It is officially Fall where I live.  We have been so blessed and fortunate to have had an extended period of warmer weather.  Flowers in bloom, gardens still producing and providing nutritious healthy food to feed us.  We had a hard frost a few nights ago which ended our growing season.  I finally turned off the soaker hose to my straw bale garden.  I picked all of the peppers available, one last meal of green beans, and some more tomatoes, whether green or ripe.  In all honesty, I left the Kale.  At this point I am all kaled out for the season.  I got a late start to my garden this year and I was blessed with an extended growing season so that I could enjoy a full season and harvest.  I still have flowers in bloom that somehow survived the hard frost.  What graceful beauty we are gifted with.  Time for cleanup and on to the compost bins for my garden of love.

Flowers are such a gift of beauty and love, aren't they?  That is what inspired my gift to you today.  I put together a mini kit for you today.  It is personal use only, and I hope you enjoy it and can add your love and touches to capture your beautiful memories.

Click on the Preview to download.


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  1. This is a lovely gift and in my favorite color too! Thanks a lot!