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Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my Blog. I design and create handmade wreaths and other seasonal home décor. I love gardening. I am a Creative design Artist for some awesome Digital Designers. I hope you enjoy what I create. Now that I am retired I truly enjoy being able to travel a lot.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Do you like Flowers?

Well, I did not get to go truck shopping today.  Although the weather is cool, it is a beautiful bright sunny day.  My time is better spent elsewhere.  I have some spring bulbs that I really must get planted before it is too late.  Do you like flowers?  I hope so because that is what I am giving you today.  More flowers!  These are simpler than those I gave you yesterday, but I still love them.  I hope you will as well.  Peace and love to all!  Click on the Preview to download.


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