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Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my Blog. I design and create handmade wreaths and other seasonal home décor. I love gardening. I am a Creative design Artist for some awesome Digital Designers. I hope you enjoy what I create. Now that I am retired I truly enjoy being able to travel a lot.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Friends are a gift from God

Once a month Girls from my Class in school get together for dinner.  We never know who will be able to join us.  It has varied from two to maybe fourteen or so.  It is such a joy to reconnect with each and every one who is able to attend.  Tonight was the night for November.  We were so surprised to have such a great turnout.  We will begin planning our 50th Class reunion in another year or so.  Wow!  Where has the time gone?  We had around 365 or so in our graduating Class.  We have lost so many over the years.  We treasure the friendships and opportunities to spend time with each other.  Friends make the world such a beautiful place.  That was the inspiration for tonight's Freebie.  It is just a simple Word Art about Friends.  Click on the Preview to download.