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Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my Blog. I design and create handmade wreaths and other seasonal home d├ęcor. I love gardening. I am a Creative design Artist for some awesome Digital Designers. I hope you enjoy what I create. Now that I am retired I truly enjoy being able to travel a lot.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Special new Kit - Linda's Lilac CU Kit and Freebie

Hold the Presses!  Deanne Gow-Smith from Scrapbookingdom has just created and released a gorgeous new Creative Use Digital Kit called Linda's Lilac.  Guess who she named it after?  That's right, little old me!  What an honor.  I have been on Deanne's CT Team for many years.

You must check out this gorgeous Kit in her Store.  I think you will agree that it is simply gorgeous!  Here are the Kit Previews.

Here are a couple pages that I made using this Kit.

I turned one of the pages into a Personal Use Quick Page for you as appreciation for coming to see me.  Click HERE to download.

Credit to Deanne Gow-Smith at Scrapbookingdom for this Kit.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hey Buddy Digital Kit and Freebie

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  How many of you braved the madness and went Black Friday shopping?  I skipped it this year altogether. 

Do you have your Christmas trees and decorations up yet?  If not, what the hay are you waiting for?  Don't feel bad, I haven't done mine yet either, lol.  I did get my tree out.  Last year I purchased one of those skinny pathetic looking primitive pencil trees from the Hallmark Store.  It screams sadness, but I love it.  I am in the process of attempting to make a tree topper Hat for it this year.  It has a great big bow, with long streamers that run down the tree.  We'll see how it turns out.  If I am not totally ashamed of it, I will post pics after the tree is decorated.  That way you guys can send all of your sympathy my way for having one of the saddest trees around, lol.

Deanne Gow-Smith from Scrapbookingdom has released another masculine themed digital kit named Hey Buddy.  Hop over to her Shop and check it out along with her other awesome Kits.

Check out the Kit Previews below.

Here are a couple pages I made with this fabulous Kit.

Grab this Freebie as a Thank You for stopping by and visiting me.  Click on the Preview to download.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wowzers! It has been a while......

My how time flies.  I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated.  Time is a commodity that is truly in short supply lately.  Gardening season is done for the year, although I do still have my flower beds to contend with.  Do I clear and clean them or let them over winter as is to provide food and shelter for the little ones?  Hmm, I'm kind of liking that alternative.  Autumn is a beautiful time of year.  The colors are beautiful as the season changes. 

My Straw Bale Garden out performed again this year giving me more delicious veggies than I could eat.  I know I have mentioned it before, but I truly love and enjoy doing the garden in the bales year after year.

I have been travelling a lot more this year than in years past.  Although it is an amazing blessing being able to spend so much more time with family down South, it does take a toll on me.  As I continue to age, by the grace of God, it takes a toll on me physically more than ever before.  My creative time becomes more and more precious.

I made the decision a few months ago to turn part of my creative passion into an official business and open an Etsy Shop.  I have been designing, creating and selling Seasonal Wreaths in my local area for several years.  I have expanded that Nationwide now selling through Etsy.  You can check my Etsy Shop out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlueDoorWreathsShop/

I just ran a Pre Black Friday Sale and am gearing up for a larger Black Friday Sale starting Friday November 24th.  Pop over and check me out if you are interested in picking up any wreaths for your own home or as gifts for family and friends.

I was not able to attend the Fall Scrapbook Retreats this year as I had hoped I might be able to.  My plate is too full and something had to be placed aside.  I do keep up with my Digital scrapping with Deanne Gow-Smith from Scrapbookingdom.  She has had some gorgeous Digital Kits released lately.  She has also branched out into the traditional realm by offering some of her Paper Kits as 12x12 two sided printed papers through Paper Arts  If interested you can check them out here.  https://paper-arts.co.nz/

This Month Deanne is featuring Masculine themed Kits.  She has release two gorgeous Male themed Digital Kits already.  Black Cherry  and Check Mate  They are both available in her Etsy Shop.  Pop over and check them out along with all of her other beautiful Kits.

Here are the Previews and some pages that I created using these Kits.

Here are some pages I made using the Black Cherry Digital Kit.

Here are the Previews of Check Mate.

and, here are some pages I made using this fabulous Digital Kit.

Here is a little Thank You gift from me to you for putting up with my long catch up post.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  What are you Thankful for this Year?

Click Preview to download


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Prom Night, and Freebie

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to my little corner of the web!  First I would like to share with you a little bit about my weekend.  I went to a three day Scrapbook Retreat in Wilmot, OH.  I have never been to this one before, but a few friends of mine from other Crops were going so I decided to try it out.  I loved it.  I had the best time.  It was hosted by Scrappin.with.Beth - at Amish Door Inn in Wilmot, OH.  Here are the great gals I spent my weekend scrapping with.

Here are some pages I made while there.  I had to finish some at home since I didn't have what I needed with me.

Deanne Gow-Smith from Scrapbookingdom just released a new Kit called Prom Night.  Great timing, since Prom was very recent.  I am sure so many of you have many Prom pictures waiting to be scrapped.  Check it out in her Etsy Store.

Here are a couple pages I made using this gorgeous Kit.

Here is a little Personal Use Freebie I put together for you.  Click on the Preview to download.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Welcome Spring and Summer!

It seemed like a long time coming, but Gardening season is here.  I am enjoying preparing and planting.  I keep adding more bales to my Straw Bale Garden as well as more and more container plantings.  I am trying some new veggies and herbs this year in pots. 

I added a Rabbit barrier fence around my garden this year.  They have eaten all of my broccoli plants again this year.  They ate them last year also early on, but the plants survived and produced normally.

I put the remains of last years bales in baskets this year .  I did this last year with zucchini and it worked great.  I pray it works again.  So far, the baskets are drying out on the top few inches quickly.  I may have to add a layer of potting mix on top to offset that.

 My back stoop is loaded with my herbs and containers of veggies that I am starting or planning to grow in containers this year.  I have Bok Choy, Red Mexican Beans, Baby Spinach, varieties of Lettuce and Red Cabbage.  I have several tomatoes and peppers that I have started.  I will probably plant them in large containers once they are big enough to transplant.

I have been picking strawberries daily from my trough bed.  The plants only came back about half full this year.  Last year they were so thick I hardly got any berries.  I picked up another trough at a Garage Sale today.  I am very excited about that score.  I don't know what I will plant in it yet.  I am thinking maybe blueberries.

My flower beds on the northern and eastern sides of my house are going crazy this year.  I need to do some thinning for sure.

My kids surprised me with a new front porch over Memorial weekend.  I love it so much!

I am offering this Personal Use Cluster once again.  Click on the Preview to download.  Thanks for visiting me.